Fall Scents

   Okay, so it’s no secret that fall is my favorite season and the scents that come around this time of year only make things better. From pumpkin spices to cinnamon buns, i’ve smelled them all and picked out a few I think anyone will enjoy.

 For me I find that cookie, sweets, and pepermint scents are a bit much for a candle. If the scent is too sugary than it is going to give me a headache but anything with a more musky undertone is perfect. For example the Leaves candle by Slatkin and Co is one of the best fall scents you can find. They are sold at bath and body works seasonally and all the places where I live have already sold out and moved on to other candles…sadly. But if you can snag one or two of these candles before the Holiday season arrives, you will not regret it. A couple other candles I have been enjoying are the Autumn, Fresh Balsam (which is the most outdoorsy fall scent they sell),Cranberry Pear Bellini (which is a tart smell without being over powering and a perfect bathroom candle), and Winter Wonderland (which is the perfect transition into winter).

 All of these candles can be purchased at Bath and Body Works throughout the fall/winter season. If you can, I would suggest stocking up in October because they have been running quite a few 3 for 5.00$ deals and are also passing out their winter coupons good through December.

 As usual after seeing that this months issue of Seventeen magazine had arrived, I flipped straight to the freebie section. I’ve learned from multiple counts of experience that it’s better to jump right on whatever freebie coupon is given as early in the month as possible because they are alomost always out by the time you make it to the store a week after it’s been published.

 This month was a nice surprise for me. I’ve been needing to purchase a new fragrance but not wanting to spend an arm and a leg at Sephora or Ulta and refusing to break down once again and purchase whatever new scent Victoria’s Secret had pushed out this week, that would smell hauntingly similar to oh lets say… the other 20,000 scents they’ve come up with. Instead, they had a coupon for a free 5oz bottle of Aeropostal’s new fragrance “Aero New York 1987″.

 Although I am not a frequent shopper at Aero and pretty much knew that the scent was going to be some combination of girly floral and surfing beach babes I decided…it was free, why not. (And their sale on 1.99$ 3 pack socks was also a nice perk)

 I was however pleasantly surprised to find that not only was the packaging simple and cute but that the scent did not make me smell like a cheap “lady of the night” as my mother would call it. The glass bottle is a nice change from the usual plastic ones I get at other stores and the small yellow flowers just make me think of spring all over again in these chilly fall days. As for the scent, it does smell floraly in the bottle but once sprayed it has a more fruity overtone.

For a freebie perfume normally costing 12.50$ I would certainly say that I was impressed with the overall product and would consider purchasing a new bottle after I have gotten my use out of the current one.